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We already have a media agency

We are not a media agency; you still let your media agency plan and buy your media spend. We make sure that as an audited client you are getting the best price and media value for your advertising.

Why is media auditing necessary?

Prices for media are constantly moving and the variation between what media owners charge can be substantial. One advertiser may pay £750 for a page and another £2,500 for exactly the same page. Our media audits let you know where the average is and how you can get the best deals available. Variation also exists within media agencies as they manage their business by brokering deals on volume of spend through accessing high performance spots and positioning. They also have to take poorer quality inventory to balance out the deals. This is where our clients are in a stronger position as they already know what they should be achieving versus the market; therefore any extra delivery through negotiation tends to go to the 23 Media Audits clients as they already have targets in place and the agency are contracted to meet these guarantees.

We already get the best deals available

The first stage of our auditing process is to give you a Media Heath Check of your advertising performance. This will give you an indication of where you are tracking in the market. Although sometimes cynical to begin with, clients who see the results of being audited by our metrics have continually used us to make sure they are constantly improving year on year. Clients who are not audited rely on what they are being told by the agency and only have historical knowledge to monitor performance.

We have a good relationship with our agency

We don’t cause conflict with your media agency; in fact we like to form an inclusive relationship with both the client and their agency to achieve the best results possible. Most agencies are very used to the process of being audited. If, for example, we audited your media spend and found that you were more expensive than the average, the agency would look to improve the pricing next time. We would help you set targets for future campaigns that the agency would be contracted to achieve. Our audits take many factors into consideration such as advance booking, negotiation skills and market conditions to give a fair and accurate picture of agency performance.

What type of savings can we look to achieve?

On average we look to make a 10-25% saving on your media.

What if we are outperforming the market?

The results of our audits give advertisers peace of mind that their agency or in house team are performing well. We find with clients who are above the market; they still have a strong desire for improvement and our tailored metrics not only keep them abreast of the market averages but also make sure that realistic gains continue while they are using 23 Media Audits. We will always help advertisers to keep raising the benchmark and showing improvement year on year.