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Having the right media agency on board is key to the success of any advertiser. 23 Media Audits can help select the right media agency partner by using a robust pitch management process. We evaluate the capability of an agency to manage the client business both short and long term.


We will identify the right media partner for you based upon:

  • The capacity of the media agency to manage the advertiser’s business with the right people working on the account.
  • Correct planning talent.
  • Diligence in committing to competitive and value-adding media negotiations.
  • Capability to form a strategic partnership with our client.

We believe that having the right business partner to manage a client’s media investments will impact hugely on the value created from the investment. We strive to implement high end media planning processes.


What do agencies receive from our pitch management process?

  • Excellent communication.
  • Transparent process.
  • Realistic pricing targets.


Our Aim

We strive for the following outcome once the process has been completed:

  • Improvement in media delivery and pricing – we always look to realistically improve pricing and media quality giving our clients a quantifiable saving where applicable.
  • Effective Planning processes – translating marketing plans into effective media activity using experienced and dedicated planning resources within a robust planning framework.
  • Resource & Talent – ensuring the best resource and talent from the media agency are available to the client, including input from senior management.
  •  Innovation – driving additional competitive advantages for our clients through innovative thinking and research.

If you would like more information on pitch management call us on 0207 183 1974


Our Commitment to You

1 Save you time and money whilst improving your media delivery
2 Design a pitch process relevant to your business
3 Find you a media agency that is correct for your requirements
4 Make sure you are given priority treatment as one of 23 Media Audits clients
5 Make sure your contract is beneficial to your advertising requirements whether that is through your business objectives or how you remunerate your agency