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15% savings on media delivery through targeting relevant publications

  • Our challenge was to make savings on our client’s media budget without impacting their current positioning and relationship with the relevant publications.
  • We felt the client would benefit from taking a step back from their category and simplify what they wanted to get from their print media. We worked from these guidelines to produce a set of realistic guarantees and introduce metrics that could monitor their agency performance going forward.
  • We advised the in-house team on realistic pricing opportunities. Our client asked questions such as: 

“How much extra value in pricing is achievable without losing the positioning to competitors?”

“Is the current portfolio of titles used correct for my target audience? Can we reduce title selection and increase budgets to a certain publishing house?”

  • We sat down with the media agency and outlined our feedback from the client. Through some sometimes challenging discussion, we were able to make recommendations on how this could be incorporated into their media buying deals.
  • 23 Media Audits worked closely with the client and media agency to deliver a set of metrics that  fully complemented their business strategy.
  • Our viewpoint for this project was that the business should dictate the media delivery and we worked to this goal throughout.
  • Our client saved an extra 15% on their media through a mixture of negotiation and title selection, improved targeting as well as retaining their all-important positioning guarantees.