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  • Our client, a major player in the FMCG world was looking to better quantify investment through their TV presence and were keen to monitor performance.
  • Our challenge was to set up a series of metrics and benchmarks to prove media effectiveness with the overall objective of providing value savings through TV.
  • Additionally we needed to focus on the delivery of low cost and high quality media metrics whilst delivering actionable insights.

Stage 1


Discussion of business objectives with the client.

Bespoke Audit

Relevant to the client

Not just a functional numbers audit.



  • We began with an initial standard evaluation and used the pre-audit objectives to recommend where metrics could be introduced to assist the media and business objectives.
  • We then proposed the addition of several optimization and analytical methods that could enhance further evaluation of the brand’s performance.
  • We rolled out our metrics across all TV activity, later extending to press and other media.


  • Our client received consistent monitoring of their media activity showing where value savings could be achieved. This was always reviewed through a quarterly audit and by ad hoc meetings with the client.
  • All stakeholders, from the brand manager, marketing director through to the media agent were kept aware of the generated targets and value savings that were being achieved over the annualised period.
  • Our client required the media auditing primarily to make media savings on their budget but as the relationship developed they saw how our vision to provide insights and strategic direction from an independent perspective was key to achieving improvements every year on all elements of their media delivery.