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Extension of your marketing Department

At 23 Media Audits we like to position ourselves as an extended part of your marketing department, helping you drive media results that map back to your business goals.

Our consultants work hard to understand your market and the specific buying needs of your business. We have a real appreciation of the very different media trading environments that exist in each of the mediums from TV through to digital, which is critical to the advertiser.

Econometric Modelling tracking media delivery to ROI

Our consultancy team use unique tools we have developed for evaluating and forecasting responses to advertising. We offer you data led insights, keep you up to speed with changes in the media market place and above all make sure that your media is bought at the most competitive price available.

Face to face contact

We offer a variety of consultancy services that range from improving your internal employee relationship with your media agency (helping to bring more cohesion to the media plans), through to the cross checking planning of the media budget before sign off giving you upfront savings before the campaigns go live.