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Our simple 3 step process saves advertisers on average 17% on their advertising spend. We handle everything direct with your agency or in-house team to provide you with clear actionable insights from our team of expert media auditors.

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Advertising Efficiency

We help companies become highly efficient advertisers by doing things like Media Audits, Post-Campaign Analysis, and Strategic Planning. Our media audit & digital audit services cover television, VOD, radio, OOH, DOOH, cinema, PPC, social and more.

Media Auditing

How well is my media agency implementing my business objectives? How effective is my media pricing, targeting and reach versus the market and competitors? Does my media mix align with my brand objectives? Is it the correct approach?


Covers Any Advertising Medium
Evaluated By industry Experts
Saves Advertisers on Average 17%
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Media Consultancy

We position ourselves as an extended part of your marketing department, helping you drive media results that map back to your business goals. Our consultants work hard to understand your market and the specific buying needs of your business.


Media Contract Reviews
Remuneration Models
KPI Settings
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Pitch Management

Having the right media agency on board is key to success. We help select the best media agency partner for you by using a robust pitch management process that has already assessed over 5bn+ since 2005 in a wide range of advertising industries.


Pitch Preparation Checklist
Pitch Pack
Evaluation & Decision Making
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Digital Auditing

A 23 Media Audits Digital Audit delivers digital marketing benchmarks based around your business goals. We will help you improve digital performance, set correct KPIs and provide you with simple to read reports that show you actionable insights.


CPMs Versus Market
Ad Engagement
Audience Targeting
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Experienced Auditors

We have been around long enough to have a deep understanding of the advertising industry, its trends and benchmarks. Our near perfect satisfaction rate and high YOY company growth is testimony to our wide depth of knowledge and experience.



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Media Audit Guide

Find out the key steps involved in media auditing

Our download provides a complete list of the parameters required to maximise your media advertising potential alongside sample reports and charts.

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The media audit is a vital tool not just for our marketing but also our wider business, and is balanced with commercial performance. The audit work gives us complete transparency about the decisions made and aids the company to increase return on investment. This is much more than a standard audit – it’s part of a full consultative process, based around a demanding set of checks & balances.
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What is the definition of a media audit?

A media audit is a procedure carried out by an independent 3rd party concentrating on an advertisers media spend. The audit determines whether the media was purchased at competitive prices in comparison to the rest of the market. The media audit methodology used follows a specific set of techniques that are put in place to evaluate the brands media spend and placement allowing the advertiser to evaluate the performance of their media agency versus a set of benchmarks.

What is media auditing?

Media Auditing involves an independent review of an advertisers media spend. Companies engage with a media auditor to examine if their advertising budgets are being spent effectively. The main criteria of a media audit is to check media delivery and placement, this is carried out by evaluating each media individually. The media audit process gives brand teams comfort that they are receiving an above-average return on their media spend and if not, offers the necessary data to achieve improved media pricing and placement.

How can media auditing companies help advertisers?

Most businesses have a media auditor to check they are being delivered the best media rates and placements possible from their media agencies. As of 2019, approximately 80% of all media spend was audited. Advertisers not receiving a media audit are in danger of missing out on potential advertising savings and strategy improvements. A Media Audit detects areas where your ad budget is underachieving versus the market or specific category and where improvements can be made. This secures an increased quality of media placement and positioning. It empowers the brand to reap greater value for money from their advertising budget.

Can my media agency carry out a media audit for me?

Conflicts of interest can arise when media agencies self-audit, as the process is often approved by a department that is part of the same group. Employing an independent third party will lead to a more efficient, effective and transparent approach to an advertisers media delivery.

Why is media auditing important?

Media auditing is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it provides a way to measure the effectiveness of a company's media strategy and track its progress over time. Secondly, it helps companies identify areas where they can improve their media strategy and increase their ROI. Thirdly, it helps companies identify areas where they may be wasting resources and can cut costs. Finally, it helps companies stay competitive in a constantly changing media landscape.

What are some common metrics used in media auditing?

Some common metrics used in media auditing include impressions, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per impression (CPM), cost per click (CPC), and return on investment (ROI).

How often should a company conduct a media audit?

The frequency of media audits will vary depending on the company and its goals. Some companies may conduct audits on a quarterly basis, while others may only do so once a year. It's important to conduct media audits regularly enough to track progress and make necessary adjustments to the media strategy.

What are some common challenges companies face when conducting media audits?

Companies may face several challenges when conducting media audits. Limited access to data can be a significant challenge, as companies may not have access to all the data they need to conduct a thorough audit. Lack of expertise is another challenge, as conducting a media audit requires expertise in both media strategy and data analysis. Resource constraints can also be a challenge, especially for smaller companies with limited resources.

What are some potential benefits of conducting a media audit?

Conducting a media audit can provide numerous benefits, such as identifying areas for improvement in the media strategy, increasing the ROI of media campaigns, improving targeting and messaging to better reach the intended audience, identifying new opportunities for media outreach, reducing waste and unnecessary spending on media efforts, and staying competitive in a constantly changing media landscape.

Who are 23 Media Audits?

23 Media Audits was formed in 2005 to provide a real alternative to the traditional media audit. We have over 15 years’ experience and knowledge across media auditing, digital auditing, pitch management and media strategy. We have planned, evaluated and delivered over £10 billion worth of high-profile agency reviews and negotiations. We are a wholly-owned independent company and one of the fastest-growing auditors across a wide range of categories. We audit over £1 billion of advertising business annually. Our clients span from FTSE 100 companies to small regional advertisers covering media delivery across the UK and in many international markets.