Posted on 30/04/2018 at 11:58 AM by Tim Hinton in Blog

The Launch of PAMCO

PAMCO ( is, in fact, the new JIC (Joint Industry Currency) for published media, which produces de-duplicated brand reach.

It allows those in the industry to carry out reach and frequency planning to better commercialise audiences across all platforms – and it is the first of its kind.

It uses new methodology to help buyers and sellers navigate the reach each publisher can deliver across their owned and operated channels.

This enables publishers to commercialise audiences across all platforms – phone, tablet, desktop and print.

23 Media Audits Comment:

In our opinion this is exactly what the print market needed as ad revenue has been hit the hardest within the media landscape (total revenue down 38% since 2010) and many publishers have struggled to make their digital case heard against the programmatic offerings.

Now advertisers have the ability to see print reach figures across a broader-reaching cross-media platform.

PAMCo also offers new opportunities for advertisers in terms of planning and buying strategies, with greater levels of accountability compared to previous figures that were based on estimates via differing sources.

The first sets of available data from PAMCo show that 24.6m people read news brands every day and 41.3m weekly – far higher than would have been seen through the NRS figures.

The new launch of PAMCO should now give agencies more opportunity to deliver effective campaigns for their clients based on the new offering via PAMCO.

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