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The Power of Cinema

A new generation of film lovers are helping drive larger audiences to UK cinemas which has led to buoyant levels of cinema advertising as the Digital Cinema Media (DCM) reports record-breaking spend.

It is also predicted that cinema is going to outpace the global ad market as spending rises by 6.8%.

Blockbuster films such as Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars have attracted an increasing number of people to the cinema and in turn this has brought in more money.

This strong growth is underpinned by a larger number of young people taking a greater interest in cinema, and tellingly it has been rated by young people as one of the most positive advertising forms as they felt the cinema gave them ‘premium, trusted, quality content in a high-attention environment’.

To read more on the topic click here to view the full article on Campaign.


With proof that advertising to a captive audience is highly effective we think there needs be a shift in how and what we are selling to an audience.

Young people clearly have trust in cinema advertising because of its high quality and a clear message, and whatever gimmicks employed need to be carefully considered to maintain that faith.

We agree with Karen Stacey who comments that:

As our industry faces the risk of consumers turning off and tuning out, we as media owners have a responsibility to win their attention and trust without bombarding them

Karen Stacey – DCM chief executive

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