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TV Viewing Declines – How to Challenge Your Agency on What Channels You Should Use

The decline in commercial TV audiences, especially among younger viewers, has been a concern throughout 2019 culminating in adults aged 16-34 and more affluent audiences being harder to reach.

This is driving up the cost of reaching your audience and requires a more in depth approach to the targeting of programmes and channels. Despite the loss of impacts TV still has the ability to reach en mass when planned and bought correctly.

Ask your media agency what channels convert best to your audience, request an audience conversion report, ask for a programme hit list and a set of conversions for those specific programmes.

TV Market Impacts

Sky Media and Channel 4 have experienced one of their biggest TV impact declines this year due to the competition from online streaming services taking viewers away from their own offerings.

The general consensus is that when Sky launched Sky Q they undersold their core channels by placing full series access online to compete directly with Netflix and Amazon. Channel 4’s problem is that they have not created enough content to pull in the younger audiences.

Will this lead to a significant price rise in TV advertising for A1634’S & ABC1 Adults? And at what point will the price no longer be cost effective for advertisers?

To read more on the topic click here to view the full article on Campaign.


There needs to be a shift in the thinking across TV for advertisers on how they can reach their target audience because if the market has lost a quarter of its younger audience in 2019 then it can no longer be ignored.

TV still has the ability to deliver mass reach but this is declining and only with new and innovative ways to plan and buy media can advertisers still reach younger and more affluent consumers consistently.

TV still delivers strong ROI but advertisers, now more than ever, need strategic insights and direction from their agency planning teams.

Want to know more? Ask us what else you should be demanding from your TV advertising.

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