Working with UK Challenger Brands, SME’s & Regional Advertisers

13/03/2019 3:37 PM

By Tim Hinton

UK Challenger Brands SME’s Regional Advertisers

23 Media Audits work with a wide range of challenger brands, SME’s & Regional advertisers to find new media opportunities for growth.

UK Challenger Brands SME’s Regional Advertisers

What We Do

We work closely with both procurement and marketing departments and by employing our auditing metrics make sure that the business work together to support the internal strategy and pricing requirements.

By working with the right agency, we are able to assist challenger brands take on those more established and understand the role of media in their thinking; helping them to ensure their agency is spotting new opportunities and feeding back the latest innovations within the market.
Tim Hinton – 23 Media Audits

As a challenger brand it is essential you find a media agency with the right cultural fit and that ultimately ‘spends smart’ on your behalf.

We make sure on behalf of our clients that the agency is aware they have to spend the money as if it’s their own

As a result, we look for agencies that are flexible and are looking to target the right audience, not just fulfil an agency share deal.

We ensure challenger brands employ audit metrics to measure both output and ROI and by having these controls in place media value loss is minimised.

If you’re a challenger brand, SME or regional advertiser we can help you to:

  • Unlock competitive media pricing with an agency that suits your business objectives.
  • Discover new opportunities in the advertising market.
  • Create medium to long-term plans based on your business philosophy.
  • Ensure you have the right service levels and strategy in place.
  • Make sure your agency is monitored against a performance-based set of media metrics.

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