Case Study is a UK-based price comparison website that compares financial products including credit cards, bank savings, and mortgages. In 2015 was ranked as having the second fastest growing profits of the top 100 private companies in Britain by The Sunday Times BDO Profit Track 100 league table. saw themselves as a challenger brand within their sector.

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Case Study

The Challenge

The marketing team wanted to understand the intricacies of their media buying performance via two main media channels; TV and digital e-commerce. As well as the audit being used to check agency performance 23 Media Audits sought to make sure were meeting their internal e-commerce targets. also wanted a greater insight into the market by comparing their results to a sector average.

By using our range of auditing techniques, we were able to deliver channel-specific results and compare performance to different demographics to further assess if the agency were targeting the correct audience.
Representative – 23 Media Audits

Stage 1

The top line audit focused on gathering the correct data, not just presenting standard media metrics. Our media audits are bespoke and we link the output to the full customer journey. At 23 Media Audits we track the media delivery, cost, optimisation to key touch points resulting in the final KPI being achieved. In the case of, they out-performed the competitor market and the company received the reassurance the agency was benefiting the business. were delivering saving versus the selected market category and they had clear evidence the audit was a key element for ensuring the overall process was linked to their business objectives.

Post Audit

Our media process ensured were able to identify further areas of improvement for the next audit; insights and actions were communicated to the media agency and we continually check they are meeting the set targets. By continuing this type of evaluation approach were confident their media was financially streamlined. In essence unlocking and achieving improved media value.

The Deliverables

A simplified agency performance evaluation process.

Tracking of e-commerce performance versus media output.

Bespoke evaluations relevant to the client business objectives.

Benchmarking based on internal performance as well as category averages.

Access to 23MA internal performance tracker.

Review of media plans before sign off.


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