We focus on helping you achieve your business goals…

Our Vision

A Clear Vision

When we formed our company in 2005 our vision was clear – to provide a real alternative to the traditional media audit through meaningful insights that would benefit our clients.

The underlying goal of all our work is to deliver a bespoke Media Auditing and Consultancy Service ensuring that, regardless of an advertiser’s size, “every client is unique”.

A Real Alternative to the Traditional Media Audit

Back when we started out, what really made us believe we were on the right track was the passion and support we gained from the companies who worked with us. It wasn’t all plain sailing, but the prevailing feedback was that they were glad we were around. We hope that as our business has grown our clients continue to believe in us. In our minds we’ve still got a lot more to achieve and that’s why we keep striving to improve…

Our Values

Our aim is to improve your current media delivery and return on investment. Our approach differs from the competition in several key ways, ensuring you benefit from a more personal and tailored service.

  1. We focus on your business goals and use the media market as a guide. Our point of difference is to make the media delivery relevant to your business model and to give you a return on investment.
  2. Clients are important to us; you will not be just another number on our balance sheet.
  3. We do not have an audit factory churning out report after report. Each audit is tailored specifically to your business issues.
  4. At 23 Media Audits we assign you an audit team from day 1 and stick to it.
  5. We are passionate about media. 23 Media Audits was set up to provide a service that actually benefits our clients.