We look at your business, where you currently are and where you want to be…

Who We Are

A New Breed of Media Auditor

Established in 2005, 23 Media Audits have developed into a new breed of media auditor. We’re pioneering a unique and powerful performance based approach to auditing advertisers from media planning through to unlocking a brand’s revenue potential.

We have built a reputation for innovating, improving and developing brand potential through auditing and are now one of the UK’s leading media auditing companies. As a result we have saved our clients vast amounts on their media budgets.

At 23 Media Audits hard work and expertise are two benchmark qualities we look for in our people and it’s our diverse team that make us both highly analytical and refreshingly creative.

An Extension of Your Marketing Team

We’re not interested in just offering ‘auditing services’ like everyone else or working to a static formula. Our aim is simple – to add so much value that we become an extension of your marketing team.

Unlike traditional media auditors, we don’t just focus on a short-term offering of industry headline targets based on cursory knowledge of your business. Instead, we analsye your business profile, obtain value against historical rates and manage the total long-term media delivery of your advertising.

Media Value & Performance

Our clients recognise that excellence in media value and performance are essential – which is why we offer an alternative blend of media metrics to those offered by traditional media auditors. We look at your business and assess where you currently are and where you want to be. Whilst we realise that market averages are an important part of auditing, the key ingredient is improving your business and setting goals that get your business either to at least the averages or surpass them and set targets that see improvement year upon year.