23 Media Audits was set up because we love media…

How We Work

We Are Different

23 Media Audits offer a refreshing approach to auditing. We differ from our peers in several key ways, resulting in you receiving a more personal and tailored service. Every client audit we carry out is bespoke, but features a number of common themes running through all our work:

Long Term Partnerships

We work closely with key stakeholders in your organisation to get an in-depth understanding of your business. This results in not just a cosmetic short term set of audits but an effective deep dive understanding of your strategic requirements.

Putting the Company First

The best processes come from finding out what your brand needs to be ahead of its competitors and the market. In our opinion, there is no point in being forced to use systems that add minimal value to your business just because they are part of a wider sell in from your media agent or auditor.

Ideas and Actions

We work at grass roots level, sitting down with your marketing/brand teams to identify the requirements for creating great media results.

Putting the Client First

We genuinely care about you. We are far smaller than many of our competitors and as a result our clients are really important to us. You will not just be another number on our balance sheet.

We Tailor Every Piece of Work

We are not an audit factory churning out report after report. Every audit we produce is individual to you and will be thoughtfully put together with your own issues in mind.

One Point of Contact

We know from experience that nothing is more frustrating than having several media audit contacts that seem to change every year. We assign a Client Team on day one who remain consistent and support you through the audit process.

Passionate about Media

23 Media Audits was set up because we love media. We believe our enthusiasm and passion about media will rub off on you.

100% Independent

We can be totally focused on providing you with a truly independent service with no external forces influencing our opinions and advice.

We Are 100% UK Focused

We are not distracted by developing overseas offices or attempts to grow global revenues. We are interested in understanding the UK market and providing UK clients with the best possible service.