The level of user interaction with an ad, such as clicks, likes, or shares.

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What Is Engagement?

Engagement measures how users interact with an ad, like clicking, liking, or sharing it. It's like the audience's response to a performance, showing their interest and connection.

When engagement is high, it indicates that the ad has captured attention and resonated with users. This suggests the ad's content or offer is appealing and relevant, encouraging user actions.

Businesses use engagement metrics, such as clicks, likes, shares, and comments, to understand how well an ad is performing and adjust their strategies.

Engagement isn't just numbers – it's a sign of a meaningful connection between users and ads. It can lead to conversions, loyalty, and business growth.

In digital marketing, engagement guides businesses to create ads that make an impact and establish a strong connection with the audience. It transforms passive viewers into active participants, strengthening the relationship between brands and users.