The level of user interaction with an ad, such as clicks, likes, or shares.

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What Is Frequency?

Frequency is a key advertising metric that shows how many times an ad is displayed to a single user. It reveals how often people see the same ad while browsing online.

Think of frequency as ad replay. It indicates how many times a person views the ad. While it's important for ads to be seen, showing them too much can be bothersome to users.

Frequency impacts how well an ad is remembered and its overall effectiveness. Advertisers use frequency to find the right balance – making sure the ad is noticed without becoming annoying.

Getting frequency right is crucial for a successful ad campaign. If an ad is shown too little, it might not make an impact. But if it's shown too much, users might ignore it.

By tracking frequency, advertisers can fine-tune their campaigns. They can adjust how often an ad appears to strike the perfect balance, ensuring the message gets across without overwhelming users.

In the digital advertising world, managing frequency is like finding the right beat. It ensures the ad's rhythm matches what the audience wants, creating an experience that grabs attention, sparks interest, and achieves results.