Quality Score

A score assigned by search engines to ads based on factors like relevance and user experience, which can affect ad placement and cost.

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What Is A Quality Score?

Quality score refers to a rating assigned by search engines to ads, evaluating factors such as relevance and user experience. This score influences the placement and cost of the ad within search engine results.

Search engines analyze various components of an ad, including keywords, ad copy, landing page quality, and expected user engagement. A high-quality score indicates that the ad is closely aligned with user intent and offers a positive experience, resulting in improved ad placement and potentially lower costs per click.

Quality score serves as a mechanism to ensure that users are presented with relevant and valuable ads, enhancing the overall quality of search engine results. Advertisers are incentivized to create high-quality, user-focused ads, as this can lead to better positioning, increased visibility, and potentially more cost-effective advertising campaigns.