Transform Your Media Delivery

A media health check will answer these and many more questions, to help make your media work harder.

Is your media cost effective and reaching your target audience?

Are you on target for achieving your annual business goals?

Are your media operations set up in a way that you can track ROI?

As a medium sized advertiser, we were new to the world of benchmarking and media consultancy so started with a Media Health Check; the initial meeting was between 30-45 minutes but was invaluable as it helped us ask general questions on how we could improve our media output and processes. We even received a guide on what type of questions to ask before the meeting which was very helpful when new to this area.

Close the gap between your competitors...

Stage 1:

Where We Currently Are...

Understanding your business objectives and how 23 Media Audits work with advertisers.

Your partners in media change
Understanding your business
Key players in your media cycle
At what stage are the key players involved
How 23 Media Audits work with advertisers

Stage 2:

Creating The Media Health Check...

Behind the scene we collate, verify and write up the report before presenting face to face.

Setting up the audit & benchmarking process
Audit Metrics weighted to business objectives
Timeline for data verification and presentation of results
Collection of all media briefing documents and strategic planning documents
Performance Grid of results versus the market and the category

Stage 3:

Presenting The Solutions...

An implementation of the action points and guarantees to make savings.

Discussion of action points and insights and how to we implement them
Easy to understand set of metrics for top line benchmarking
In depth analysis for more strategic direction requirements
Understanding of the essential servicing and resourcing implications needed
A training piece on understanding the media brief 3 critical factors
Performance Grid of results versus the market and the category


To Your Organisation...

A comprehensive plan to deliver media savings and increase performance £500K advertiser = x10* saving versus cost of a media health check.
Understanding of the “Media Cycle” for your brand and where each stakeholder links up in the process.
Educating your brand on where to question the agency planning/buying brief and their rationale behind the media plans.
All media briefs checked pre-campaign and media delivery checked post campaign.
Key insights and action points implemented for improving future performance.
An easy to understand benchmarking process.

*Average 1st year saving versus unaudited position.


To Your Media Agency...

A transparent set of guidelines to achieve annual improvements
Potential to be part of the brand improvement through incentivised rewards
Access to wider market thinking and averages from working with 23 Media Audits and the advertiser.
Access to short lists for managed media pitches