26/03/2018 2:20 PM | by Tim Hinton in News

JC Decaux ‘to avoid the pitfalls of digital media’

JC Decaux is launching a new brand charter, BranDO, which they hope will set a gold standard of best practice across the digital out of home industry.

The aim of the charter is to increase accountability, viewability, measurability, transparency and brand safety to the sector.

This will be independently verified by PwC who will issue quarterly compliance reports.

The system will be available publicly in an attempt to give confidence to advertisers. Something digital media has struggled with due to its inherent secrecy.

23 Media Audits Comment:

Increased transparency is to be welcomed and digital media would do well to take notice. However, as digital media can testify, coming to an agreement with other media owners on common standards to ensure there is one trading currency is just as important as the transparency.

Will other media owners adopt the same standards or develop their own?

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