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Marketing strategy, advertising ROI, KPI Setting, scope of work, cost control are all key to elements in the process. It’s how you turn this knowledge into action that allows you to achieve and maintain success.


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Discussion of business objectives - Tailoring the media audit
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We don’t have every answer - but we do have outstanding people and tools for creating immediate and measurable KPI’s in the most critical areas of your business: marketing, media, procurement, advertising strategy and ROI.

Media Auditing

Our media auditing process encapsulates the full range of auditing techniques. We audit TV, print, radio, outdoor, cinema and digital advertising.

Media Consultancy

We position ourselves as an extension of your marketing department, helping you drive media results that map back to your business goals.

Pitch Management

Having the right media agency on board is key to success. We help select the best media agency partner for you by using a robust pitch management process.

Digital Auditing

A 23 Media Audits Digital Audit delivers digital marketing benchmarks based around your business goals.

TV Auditing

The 23 Media Audits Television package gives advertisers a thorough examination and benchmark of media performance in terms of cost-efficiency, audience reach and media effectiveness.

Press Auditing

A 23 Media Audits Press Audit benchmarks all activity across national, regional and consumer magazines giving clients a comprehensive review of their pricing and positioning versus the market.

Radio Auditing

A 23 Media Audits Radio Audit benchmarks all stations on a regional and national level to help identify how efficient a client schedule is by target audience and region.

Outdoor Auditing

23 Media Audits provides our clients with a comprehensive audit as well as strategic insights into how they can improve their outdoor delivery.

Cinema Auditing

We audit Cinema on an individual client and campaign basis. The analysis is overlaid within the context of the current market conditions.