We cover all the standard cinema audit parameters and give our clients relevant insights into every area of their cinema package helping to build a deeper understanding of their delivery. We work with you to support your media strategy and business objectives and make sure you have all the strategy data and advice you need to effectively get the most out of your cinema ad budget.

Cinema Auditing

The audit enabled us to better understand the media value of our cinema delivery in a more strategic way. We can now further align the insights to the overall business and its goals.

Brand Director: Retail Client

Standard Cinema Audit Parameters

Verification of admissions and spend levels
Competitor analysis
Audience Profiling & Conversions
Admission delivery by day
Coverage & Opportunities to see by campaign
Cost performance by package & group
Audit Recommendations/action points

Enhance Your Cinema Advertising – Add in Our Cinema Consultancy

Multi-platform, how to optimise sponsorship & partnership opportunities
Investment value of using cinema within your full media mix
Combining cinema analysis with brand awareness & purchase cycles
Advice to advertiser on regional mix and commercial opportunities
Advice on negotiation of costing of standard and premium cinema packages