In the changing media landscape, digital advertising impacts every sector. Despite spending a large percentage of their ad budget to ensure a digital presence businesses are struggling to adapt, run and monitor results within their digital environments. We help marketing & procurement teams make sense of digital media by assessing their current set up and applying a framework to define a set of easily understood KPIs that can be monitored and tracked so performance improvements are meaningful and insightful.

Digital Auditing

The digital audit presented by 23 Media Audits assisted our procurement team in implementing key changes within our business.

Procurement Director: Retail Client

Since we introduced our “digital audit” alongside our “digital processes audit” we have reviewed beyond just digital display advertising to SEO, AdWords, Content Marketing, Email and Social media.

The Digtial Audit Covers:

Cost (CPM’s by publisher/creative/format/site/sales house) versus advertisers in the market.
Engagement of the ad specific to the creative.
Audience targeting – what % of the target audience is being reached by the campaign.
Viewability – how much and for how long were my ads seen?
Brand safety – how safe were my ads, where they in the right environment.
Competitor analysis and sites reviewed.

The Digital Processes Audit Covers:

Evaluation of the current process via an audit to create a framework to improve digital performance.
Analysis of the digital trading strategy and metrics the business has in place.
Setting correct KPIs for digital as part of the overall media mix to align with marketing and business priorities.
Establishing a set of checks & balances for measuring KPI delivery.
How to brief your agency to integrate your new KPIs;
Improvement of advertiser’s digital integration through integrated planning.
Investment in digital – helping clients to understand the channels that drive value whilst aiding brand teams to understand changes to their media mix, the effect on budgets and the price paid for the media.