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Our digital auditing capabilities provide clients with an evaluation that truly reflects their brand and the specific buying needs of their business. Our clients are supported by a best in class analysis via unique tools we have developed for evaluating and forecasting responses to advertising.

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Digital Auditing

What We Do

Critical to our evaluation techniques is our appreciation of the very different trading environments that exist in every media. We have the skills to leverage data led insights, keep you up to speed with changes in the media market place and above all make sure that your media is bought at the most competitive price available. Our commitment to absolute transparency and bespoke auditing means that you can be confident that every single media deal will be negotiated in your best interests.

Programmatic Audit

Programmatic advertising now represents over 85% of all display advertising spend, and is predicted to grow to nearer 90% in the next twelve months. However the programmatic supply chain is notoriously complex and few marketers fully understand how it works, let alone how to derive the most value from it.

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Social Media Audit

Paid social media advertising now makes up a quarter of all ad spend in the UK worth over £3.3bn per year in the UK alone. It is a relatively cheap and accessible advertising platform that makes it especially attractive to small and medium sized businesses (SME’s). A fact born out by data that shows 76% of Facebook’s advertising revenue is generated by SME’s alone.

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PPC Audit

Over 31% of all ad spend in the UK is spent on PPC campaigns with an estimated value of almost £8bn. As a result it is essential for advertisers to keep a close eye on their campaigns to ensure they are maximising their opportunities. Simply put, optimised PPC means better listings and increased targeted traffic.

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User Journey Audit

Having an effective and impactful advertising campaign is all very well but with the goal of revenue growth at the epicentre of most strategy plans it is vital that there is also a focus on converting this increased brand interest or web traffic into sales.

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