Media Consultancy

Extension of your marketing & procurement department

At 23 Media Audits we like to position ourselves as an extended part of your marketing department, helping you drive media results that map back to your business goals.

Our consultants work hard to understand your market and the specific buying needs of your business. We have a real appreciation of the very different media trading environments that exist in each of the mediums from Digital through to TV, which is critical to the advertiser.

Media Contract

Is my media contract still relevant in today’s market? What is the industry standard? Our service is designed to help answer these questions.

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Media Cycles

How to evaluate your company’s internal media capabilities alongside their media processes – see where each stake holder fits in to the process.

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Digital Awareness

Providing companies with a full audit of their current digital advertising set up versus a set of key benchmarks. How effective is your digital strategy?

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KPI Settings

Are your media key performance indicators based purely on your business objectives or just a standardised set of media deliverables?

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Remuneration Models

All our remuneration models are bespoke and we align them alongside advertiser’s own key performance indicators.

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Agency Response Benchmarking

Set up a benchmarking process to guarantee all service levels are being delivered to an expected standard.

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Media Training

Gives advertisers a full understanding of the media cycle from internal brand planning through to the media buying plan and the benchmarking process.

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PRF Delivery

Our Media Consultancy experience will deliver, implement and manage the right programme for your agency performance-based remuneration model.

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