Digital Awareness

We provide companies with a full audit of their current set up to see how well they perform versus a set of key benchmarks. The analysis covers a Media Audit Health Check/Organic Search Review/Paid Search Review/Social Review/Programmatic Review/Mobile Site Audit. The process lets advertisers focus on improvements for the following year and identify current performance against industry best practice. This exercise lets advertiser answer the question of how effective is our digital advertising?

Standard Digital Awareness Parameters

Make sure your digital contract is updated and covers the changes to the digital landscape.
Review of your mobile compliance for search engines and users of your website.
PPC review of contracts, briefs and strategy documents.
Site usability from bounce rate to site usability.
Analytics check, evaluate business KPI’s and ROI.
Organic search review, better understanding of your SEO plans and KPI’s and competitive analysis.
Programmatic transparency review of your digital advertising budget.