Media Training

Aimed at all levels of marketing and procurement teams

The media training programme is designed to deliver a full understanding of the top line media cycle from internal brand planning through to the media buying plan and the 23 Media Audits benchmarking process.

This helps brand teams to question the agency rationale on plans and to interrogate the choices being made. By taking our media training course, we have helped clients push the advertising spend to the forefront of their internal decision making.

Overlay our expertise with a bespoke training plan incorporating client’s own business objective with industry best practise and advertisers can be confident in delivering an efficient and effective part within the overall media cycle.

Senior Media Training

Senior Media Training

Get clear on your business goals and become a more effective decision maker. Try our senior media training.

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Our training focuses on how senior marketers can fully understand the media cycle from initial planning concept through to the media buying plan; where to question the transparency of their proposed media value, how to identify the parameters for brand success from the media plan and mastering their ad budget in what can be seen as complex media landscape.