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We have planned, evaluated and delivered over £5bn worth of high profile media agency reviews and negotiations since 2005. Across that period, we have been able to improve what we believe to be best practice in successful pitch management. We strive to provide you with a pitch management team that truly understands your market and the specific buying needs of your business. 

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Pitch Management

What We Do

We have the skills to leverage from your media agency the best in class data led insights, changes in the media market and above all to make sure that your media will be strategically planned and bought at the most competitive price available for your business objectives. Our pitch management process is planned to deliver guidance and direction for advertisers on the most essential elements that need consideration and what areas need to be addressed to align with their business objectives.

1. Pitch Preparation Checklist

Our first stage is to meet with the key personnel involved with the pitch process and to provide each stakeholder with our pitch preparation checklist. This is a guide of 15 key components. The advertiser completes these processes before we contact any agencies. Once completed, these become the 15 signs that you are ready to run a productive, accountable and rewarding media agency pitch.

2. Pitch Pack

Areas covered from a strategic planning perspective within the “Pitch Pack”, we will be able to: 

  • Ascertain how well each agency meets quality standards on planning briefs and how well they plan to the set brief.
  • Level of strategy, rationale, media plans and pricing alongside agency post campaign analysis reviews.
  • Provide details of areas that each agency is strong in and where they have weaknesses that need improvement.
  • We will also make sure that the agencies are not just trying to reach a price guarantee to the detriment of the planning input.

3. Evaluation & Decision Making

We will evaluate the pricing, presentations on strategy, media briefs, commissions, charges, remuneration models, contract compliance issues and prepare our response for each client.

Our Commitment to You

Save you time and money whilst improving your media delivery
Design a pitch process relevant to your business
Find you a media agency that is correct for your requirements
Make sure you are given priority treatment as one of 23 Media Audits clients
Make sure your contract is beneficial to your advertising requirements whether that is through your business objectives or how you remunerate your agency

Media Agencies Receive

Realistic pricing targets
Transparent process
A comprehensive brief
Excellent auditor & advertiser communication

Most Important Reason When Conducting a Media Pitch:

Improvement in media pricing: 
65% see this as their priority reason
Improvement in media quality & targeting: 
18% see this as their priority reason
Getting the right planning talent on the account: 
13% see this as their priority reason 
Innovative thinking by the agency: 
4% see this as their priority reason

Media Pitch Toolkit

Our 15-point checklist for your business

We’ve developed a set of guidelines for you to download and cross check with your own objectives.

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