We cover all the key TV audit parameters and then create a bespoke scoring system for every client. How do we do this? By getting to know your business and understanding its needs.

Why do we do this? – Because being constrained by the tight structure of standard benchmarks doesn’t always work for advertisers.

Business and media agencies require an element of flexibility in the face of a changing media landscape and to be able to deliver effective insights this needs to be incorporated into the audit.

TV Auditing

Standard TV Audit Parameters

Linking data metrics with media knowledge

Media Consultancy

What Our TV Audit Addresses

What are the strengths of my TV advertising – “What is being done well?”
What can be improved by my agency?
Where can we make improvements within the confines of the current deal?
What are the main concerns about the current delivery?
What is the effect of making changes to the current strategy?

Key TV Audit Parameters

Invoice checking between agency and broadcaster
Planned ratings against actual delivery by week
Day-part delivery
Access to centre breaks
Access to position in break
Campaign structure (programmes and their influence)
Audience conversions to selected audiences
Coverage and frequency performance to an agreed group of advertisers
Recommendation and action points to aid forward planning