Media Agency Contracts Review & Refresh

24/09/2019 7:43 PM

By Tim Hinton

Media Agency Contracts Review

In an ever-changing media landscape, we advise that advertisers should have “An annual review of their agency contract” to align their terms and conditions to changes in the media market and especially via digital benchmarking to make sure everything is up to date.

Media Agency Contracts Review

Survey Results

We surveyed our clients and other advertisers to find out when they last reviewed their contracts. 

Media Contracts Review Survey

Source: 23MA Client base plus surveyed businesses UK (£1M-£5M annual spend)

Our review ensures advertisers’ current media contracts are still relevant in today’s market and haven’t fallen behind the industry standard.

We take into account not only standard fees and commission levels, but also make sure that technology charges via rebates and discounts are appropriately apportioned back to the advertiser.

Our service is designed to help marketing and procurement teams at the initial stages of their contract.
Tim Hinton – 23 Media Audits

We make sure that the important media sections are included and the pricing and quality guarantees are fully transparent before signing.

Check out our top line check list when reviewing your media agency contract.