Social Media Auditing




Paid social media advertising now makes up a quarter of all ad spend in the UK worth over £3.3bn per year in the UK alone. It is a relatively cheap and accessible advertising platform that makes it especially attractive to small and medium sized businesses (SME’s). A fact born out by data that shows 76% of Facebook’s advertising revenue is generated by SME’s alone.

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Social Media Auditing

What We Do

Our research shows us that 63% of companies surveyed, and who have a dedicated budget for digital platforms, still admitted to struggling to fully understand their digital ROI. We can test and optimise the most important metrics for your brand, evaluate your category and target, and ultimately reduce the time our clients currently spend attempting to interpret data manually.

Media Effectiveness

An evaluation of your current social media plan rationale
A full set of Recommendations


Evaluation of the current reporting provided
Media Contract evaluation
Identification of any knowledge gaps in current reporting


Competitive set comparison exercise
Clear benchmarks for your sector provided
CPM volume modeling
Guidelines on what you should be paying

Measurement & Performance

Key measurement criteria & KPI’s set based on objectives
VTR and Completed views
Reach & Engagement


Brand Safety

Analysis of brand safe reports provided to your agency
Ensure appropriate brand safety guidelines in place
Review of inventory against blacklist, quality and verification standards to reduce non-compliance.

Plan vs. Actual

Analysis of your planned versus actual performance against agreed measurement criteria

Best Practice

Clear set of action plans developed using relevant KPI’s to achieve advertising objectives

Social Media Audit Outcomes

Our simple process allows you to get the most return on investment from your social media campaigns.

Make your advertising budget stretch further. Our audit will help maximise your returns and highlight where you are overspending on underperforming platforms or vice versa.

Provides you with a clear vision of what success looks like for your social media campaigns.

Benchmarks your performance against your closest competitors to identify gaps in your strategy.

Provides you with ‘best practice’ guidelines to achieve your social media advertising goals.

Savings on your media spend

A set of clear action plans for your next agency review


 Impartial advice tailored specifically to your project.