PPC Auditing




Over 31% of all ad spend in the UK is spent on pay per click campaigns with an estimated value of almost £8bn. As a result it is essential for advertisers to keep a close eye on their campaigns to ensure they are maximising their opportunities.

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PPC Auditing

What We Do

Simply put, optimised PPC means better listings and increased targeted traffic. This requires periodic monitoring and our PPC audit is designed to give you the tools to successfully curate PPC campaigns that maximise your spend, efficiencies and Click Through Rate to offer you the best return on your investment.

Structure & Set up

Campaign settings & account structure
Extension analysis
Ad quality & search queries
Quality and account optimization scores

Tracking & Efficiency

Analytic and portfolio set up
Inter-channel de-duping
Portfolio autonomy & efficiency over time
Review of overall set up

User Journey

Analysis of overall user journey and PPC role in it
Non PPC online media plans
Stakeholders involved and internal purpose review
KPI reporting

Action Plans

Analysis is consolidated into clear action plans
Provides overall scores and commentary
Pre-step scoring & technical findings
Identifies quick wins to immediately improve PPC campaigns
Highlights current process deficiencies and suggests changes
Provides clear timeline to implement improvements

PPC Audit Outcomes

Our simple process allows you to get the most return on investment from your PPC campaigns.

Uncovers opportunities for improvement as well as any ‘account hygiene’ issues

Identifies opportunities to increase the value gained from PPC campaigns

Highlights and analyses the external influences on PPC results

Tangible action plans delivered to build into your optimization calendar

Savings on your media spend

A set of clear action plans for your next agency review


 Impartial advice tailored specifically to your project.