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Our media auditing capabilities provide clients with an evaluation that truly reflects their brand and the specific buying needs of their business. Our clients are supported by a best in class analysis via unique tools we have developed for evaluating and forecasting responses to advertising.

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Media Auditing

What We Do

Critical to our evaluation techniques is our appreciation of the very different trading environments that exist in every media. We have the skills to leverage data led insights, keep you up to speed with changes in the media market place and above all make sure that your media is bought at the most competitive price available. Our commitment to absolute transparency and bespoke auditing means that you can be confident that every single media deal will be negotiated in your best interests.

Television Auditing

Our television audit gives advertisers a thorough examination and benchmark of media performance in terms of cost-efficiency, audience reach and media effectiveness.


Invoice checking between agency and broadcaster
Planned ratings against actual delivery by week
Channel & day-part delivery
Access to centre breaks & position in break analysis
Campaign structure (Programmes and their influence)
Audience conversion to selected audiences
Coverage and frequency performance to agreed group of advertisers
Overall summary of media value quantified
Recommendation and action points to aid forward planning
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Press Auditing

Our press audit benchmarks all activity across national, regional and consumer magazines giving clients a comprehensive review of their pricing and positioning versus the market.


Verification of all insertions
Positioning analysis
Coverage analysis
Recommendations/action points
Advice to agency regarding negotiation of rates
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Radio Auditing

Our radio audit benchmarks all stations on a regional and national level to help identify how efficient a client schedule is by target audience and region.


Verification of airtime
Coverage analysis
Recommendations/action points
Negotiation advice on CPT (Cost per thousand)
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Outdoor Auditing

Our outdoor audit provides our clients with a comprehensive audit as well as strategic insights into how they can improve their outdoor delivery.


Invoice checking between agency and broadcaster
Planned ratings against actual delivery by week
Channel delivery
Day-part delivery
Access to centre breaks
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Cinema Auditing

Our cinema audit is done on an individual client and campaign basis. The analysis is overlaid within the context of the current market conditions


Cost by contractor
Cost per admissions analysis by contractor
Package vs. premium deals
Regionality analysis & profile delivery
Price benchmarking
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Digital Auditing

Our digital audit delivers digital marketing benchmarks based around your business goals.


Price benchmarking by publisher, buy type, format, creative.
Ad engagement
On target impressions by audience
Ad viewability levels
Brand safety
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Media Audit Guide

Find out the key steps involved in media auditing

Our download provides a complete list of the parameters required to maximise your media advertising potential alongside sample reports and charts.

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