Press Auditing




Our Press Audit benchmarks all regional and national publications, supplements and magazines. This helps to identify how efficient a client schedule is by target audience and region. Our audit will then advise on the best strategy to optimise your campaigns potential.

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Press Auditing

What We Do

We assist advertisers in understanding their campaign impact, allowing them to identify immediate performance improvements and where to prioritise resources. Our digital & traditional press evaluation helps advertisers to build a picture of where the risks exist in their current press media strategy and helps to pin-point what publications deliver the maximum media value.


Key press audit parameters.


Verification of inserts/advertorials
Competitor analysis
Day of week analysis
Audience Profiling & Conversions
Publication positioning versus market & category averages
Publication positioning versus market & category averages
Coverage & Opportunities to see analysis
Cost performance by publication & group
Audit Recommendations/action points


Enhance your press advertising – add in our press consultancy.


Multi-platform, how to optimise your off and online newspaper/magazine mix
Investment value of using press within your full media mix
Combining press analysis with brand awareness & purchase cycles
Advice to advertisers on publication mix and day of week delivery
Advice on negotiation of insert rate and CPT (cost per thousand) for future campaigns

Press Audit Guide

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Our download offers an in-depth rundown of the key press audit parameters as well as samples of the reports we provide.

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