Programmatic Auditing




Programmatic advertising now represents over 85% of all display advertising spend, and is predicted to grow to nearer 90% in the next twelve months. However, the programmatic supply chain is notoriously complex and few marketers fully understand how it works, let alone how to derive the most value from it.

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Programmatic Auditing

What We Do

Our Programmatic audit offers a comprehensive review of your current digital investment to ensure you receive transparent and informed budget plans to allow you to see how and where your advertising budget has been spent.

Media Effectiveness

An evaluation of your current plans
A full set of Recommendations


A review of audience strategy
Analysis of the cost of data used
Effectiveness of data used


Clear benchmarks for your sector provided
CPM volume modeling
Guidelines on what you should be paying


Effectiveness of your approach
Optimisation evaluation
Media prioritization


Evaluation of the current reporting provided
Media contract evaluation
Identifies any programmatic stack ownership conflicts
Evaluation of current media deals, rebates and PMP deals
Identification of any knowledge gaps in current reporting

Plan vs. Actual

Analysis of your planned versus actual performance against agreed measurement criteria


Brand Safety

Analysis of brand safe reports provided to your agency
Ensure appropriate brand safety guidelines in place
Review of inventory against blacklist, quality and verification standards to reduce non-compliance.

Programmatic Audit Outcomes

Our simple process allows you to get the most return on investment from your Programmatic campaigns.

Provides a full and transparent map of budget allocation throughout the media supply chain.

Provides industry benchmark comparisons to assess relative performance

Identifies any value leaks in your current supply chain.

Allows you to challenge your agency on the value each link in the chain brings and more importantly how much it costs.

Savings on your media spend

A set of clear action plans for your next agency review

Advertising Guide

Find out the key steps involved in Programmatic Advertising

This guide provides an overview of programmatic advertising, including its workings, various types, and recommended approaches for achieving success. Additionally, it delves into the future of programmatic advertising, exploring the increasing significance of artificial intelligence and its fusion with other marketing channels.

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