The Beginner’s Guide to Pitch Management

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Are you unsure what Media Pitch Management is all about? Do you want to know how to carry out a media pitch? Don’t know why you need to follow specific guidelines and what you can gain by carrying out a media pitch? Let us walk you through it. What is Pitch Management? Media pitches are,… Read more

Is The Auditing Of Online Media Dead?

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We came across an article by Seb Joseph on Digiday: “Auditing as we know it is dead for online media’: Advertisers seek auditing alternatives” As a leading UK media auditing company, we thought we should respond to this article. Firstly, we 100% agree that online auditing is dead when looking at cost only. Price paid… Read more

Why Do I Need a Media Audit?

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With growing concerns over media transparency, we have seen an increase in the number of advertisers conducting audits over the past 18 months as a way of ensuring their agency is fulfilling its obligations as a service supplier of media and a partner in terms of strategic planning. However many companies are still unsure of… Read more

Micro Influencers / Brand Ambassadors, The Ticket To Brand Success?

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The buzzwords floating around the advertising world at the moment are ‘Influencer’ and ‘brand ambassador’. What do the terms ‘Micro Influencer’ & ‘Brand Ambassador’ mean? An influencer is an individual who has a large following on social media and can therefore influence potential buyers by promoting or recommending brands. A brand ambassador is someone that… Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Media Auditing

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Understanding the processes involved when looking to conduct a media audit can be confusing to those that have not been through the process before. To make everything a little easier for you we have put together this simple beginner’s guide to a media audit. This guide aims to answer the following questions to help you… Read more

Working with UK Challenger Brands, SME’s & Regional Advertisers

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23 Media Audits work with a wide range of challenger brands, SME’s & Regional advertisers to find new media opportunities for growth. We work closely with both procurement and marketing departments and by employing our auditing metrics make sure that the business work together to support the internal strategy and pricing requirements. By working with… Read more

In-App Advertising, Why Aren’t You Using It Yet?

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The mobile game Candy crush boasts that its users’ ‘swipe’ the equivalent of two and a half times distance around the world every day, and is a prime example of a free app using adverts to reward its users. In offering an incentive to watch adverts, it’s no wonder that in-app advertising is developing into… Read more

Social Media Usage On The Rise

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In Great Britain, adults spend almost 8 hours a day consuming media. According to IPA TouchPoints 2017, (which reveals how British people spend their time and their usage of communication channels and devices), adults spend 7 hours and 56 minutes a day consuming media. This 9% increase on 2016 and 13% rise from 2015, clearly… Read more

UK Advertising Spend Strongest Q2 Since 2014

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UK advertising spend has had its strongest second quarter since 2014, with ad-spend during Q2 2018 up 6.4% year-on-year (YoY) to £5.6bn. The first half of 2018 therefore saw an overall rise of 7.2% YoY to a total of £11.4bn. The Advertising Association/WARC Expenditure Report, updated its forecasts for 2018. The report now predicts a… Read more

Research Shows OOH Digital Boosts Social Media Campaigns

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Interesting new research from Talonooh on the effect of using a combination of Full Motion Digital Out of Home with social media. This has led to an average 23 per cent uplift in brand metrics based on the data. In our opinion advertisers can take some important lessons from this research and as an auditor… Read more

Global Moves into OOH with Acquisition of Outdoor Plus and Primesight

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This deal should deliver plenty more innovations for advertisers from planning through to creative delivery. With both radio and outdoor ad spend predicted to be up for 2018 this move signals a great opportunity for brands to focus ever more on the digital offerings available via programmatic radio & outdoor. To read more about the… Read more

World Cup 2018 – TV Still Drives Mass Awareness?

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Television remains vital for brands to deliver a mass audience and create awareness within a short-term period as shown in the recent World Cup viewing figures. The England v Croatia semi-final (11th July) on ITV delivered the largest audience for an England match via a single channel since records began. The match also had a… Read more

The Launch of PAMCO

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PAMCO ( is, in fact, the new JIC (Joint Industry Currency) for published media, which produces de-duplicated brand reach. It allows those in the industry to carry out reach and frequency planning to better commercialise audiences across all platforms – and it is the first of its kind. It uses new methodology to help buyers… Read more

The Rise of the Management Consultancy

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Jerome Bodin, an analyst at investment bank Natixis, caused something of a commotion recently when he suggested that one of the 3 big management consultancies (IBM, Delioitte and Accenture) could credibly acquire a WPP or similar. Acquisitions in the digital arena, such as Accenture’s purchase of Karmarama certainly show they have intentions to enter the… Read more

ITV launches Ad Free TV

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ITV is launching ITV HUB+ Premium, a subscription TV service that is ad free. The service, which was launched softly earlier this year, will be supported with above the line advertising for the first time. Other consumer friendly features are expected to be added to the package over time in an attempt to drive the… Read more

JC Decaux ‘to avoid the pitfalls of digital media’

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JC Decaux is launching a new brand charter, BranDO, which they hope will set a gold standard of best practice across the digital out of home industry. The aim of the charter is to increase accountability, viewability, measurability, transparency and brand safety to the sector. This will be independently verified by PwC who will issue… Read more

UK advertising records strongest H1 on record

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UK Ad spend grew 3.7% during the first six months of 2017 to £10.8bn – the largest H1 total since monitoring began in 1982. The record investment, recorded by the Advertising Association and WARC in their latest Expenditure Report, means the forecast for the remainder of 2017 has been upgraded to growth of 3.1%. The… Read more