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The Top 10 Most Viewed Christmas Adverts

Here at 23 Media Audits, we love Christmas. Our office tree is up, the mince pies are out and the Christmas playlists are on. With the big day just around the corner, we thought what better a way to start the festive season than with a bit of nostalgia. Nothing says Christmas like the annual rollout of brand TV ads so let’s look at the YouTube top 10 most viewed Christmas adverts of all time!

#10: Very.co.uk – Get More Out of Giving 2017

Very always brings artsy and eye-catching adverts to our tv’s at Christmas time and this 2017 advert is no different. This ad tells the story of a little girl spreading Christmas cheer by handing out Very’s signature pink-wrapped gifts accompanied by her toy wolf, Ulfie. Unfortunately whilst handing out the presents she manages to lose rag-eared Ulfie along the way.

This advert takes you on an emotional journey where the little girl is helped on her way by a wolf until both the gift and wolf are lost over an icy waterfall. When she wakes up its Christmas day, and she opens a mysterious pink box to find her Ulfie with his ear sewn up, good as new.

#9: M&S – Christmas With Love from Mrs Claus 2016

Marks and Spencer’s 2016 advert offers a modern twist to the classic tale of Santa Claus delivering presents at Christmas. The focus this time is on Mrs Claus who reads a letter from a little boy who wants to get his sister a pair of trainers. Mrs Claus then springs into action, flies in via helicopter to deliver the present and ultimately brings a big-budget slant to the true meaning of Christmas.

#8: John Lewis – Elton John 2018

This advert tells the story of a little boy and how a favourite Christmas gift from his childhood impacted on his life. It follows him growing up and the journey he goes on once he received this gift and how it inspired him throughout his life. The big reveal at the end of the advert is that the boy turns out to be none other than Elton John.

#7: Sainsbury’s – The Greatest Gift 2016

This lovely upbeat Christmas musical is a stop-frame animation featuring James Cordon. The advert follows family man Dave on his whirlwind journey to try and get every ones Christmas presents in time for the big day, before a Eureka moment when he realises that the greatest gift he could give his family at Christmas was his time.

#6: Sainsbury’s – Christmas Is for Sharing 2014

Sainsbury’s poignant 2014 advert took us back a century to the battlefields of World War One and features the story of how both sides met up in no mans land on Christmas Day. This simple but heart-warming message of putting aside differences and finding common ground was an absolute smash-hit for Sainsburys.

#5: John Lewis – Buster The Boxer 2016

The John Lewis’ theme for Christmas 2016 was, ‘Gifts that everyone will love,’ and this festive offering revolves around a family dog Buster the Boxer and his love for a trampoline gift that was initially intended for the young daughter.

This advert was classic John Lewis in that it was not only funny but heart warming and thought provoking as well which are the key ingredients for a successful Christmas campaign.

#4: John Lewis – Monty The Penguin 2014

We saw this sweet and heart-warming advert through the eyes of a little boy which skilfully invited us to connect with our inner child. Monty the penguin wants to be happy at Christmas and his little boy wants to do all he can to ensure this happens. The result is a really well made and emotive advert that was loved by a lot of people during the 2014 Christmas season.

#3: John Lewis – Man On The Moon 2015

John Lewis are renowned for creating beautiful Christmas adverts and this one is no exception. Man on the Moon was set to a calming acoustic cover and conveys the message that even if someone is halfway round the world, you can still show them that you are thinking about them.

#2: John Lewis – Somewhere Only We Know 2013

Featuring an emotional soundtrack written by Lily Allen, this Christmas classic uses a combination of mediums ticking both creative and emotional boxes to produce a visually pleasing advert with a beautiful story line. It features a bear who misses Christmas every year because he has to hibernate and his best friend the hare, who wants to make sure he has a Christmas to remember.

#1: Sainsbury’s – Mog’s Christmas Calamity 2015

This is the most viewed Christmas advert of all time with nearly 40 million views on YouTube. Using a much-loved character as the main protagonist, it tells the story of Mog and the calamities that befall him, almost ruining Christmas for his family.

This advert featured the tagline ‘Christmas is for sharing’ and shows everyone coming together to forgive, forget and enjoy being together in the Christmas period. Its appealing, warm and thoughtful Christmas message ensured it was no surprise that so many people watched it at the time and still continue to view it even though it is no longer on the air.

Well that was our whistle-stop tour of the top 10 most viewed Christmas adverts of all time. We hope it not only got you into the Christmas spirit but also illustrated that, even though they are all very different creatively, there are common themes that run through the more popular adverts.

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