The Beginner’s Guide to Media Auditing

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Understanding the processes involved when looking to conduct a media audit can be confusing to those that have not been through the process before. This simple guide aims to clear up any confusion or questions you may have about this process. What is a Media Audit? A media audit is an independent third-party review of… Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Auditing

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Outdoor or ‘Out of Home’ (OOH) advertising can be a potent tool for showcasing your messaging to a wide range of potential consumers on a big stage, but do you know how to measure its effectiveness? Are you unclear on what an outdoor audit involves, or what process is used to identify its performance? If… Read more

Radio Advertising Forecast – 2021

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At a Glance 21% decline forecast for 2020 12% bounce back anticipated in 2021 By 2024 radio will be ahead of pre COVID-19 predictions for 2020 Evolving Ad models for 2021 Global & Bauer to dominate commercial radio with prices to go up A Year to Forget Radio advertising in 2020 was predicted to see… Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Media Consultancy

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What is Media Consultancy? Simply put, media consultancy is about problem-solving. Consultants are experienced, commercially minded individuals who use their industry knowledge to provide advice and solutions to a company’s media challenges or strategy plans. Traditionally consultancy involves an impartial third party parachuting into a company to provide an objective view of current media performance… Read more

Do You Need a Year-end Media Audit?

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If your business spends over £500,000 on advertising in a financial year, it makes sense to conduct an annual media audit of your advertising delivery. This helps marketing and procurement teams check how well the campaign was bought, how well it performed in reaching its target and if the media chosen was efficient. Once you… Read more

The Best Advertisements & Ad Campaigns

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What does it take to create an advertising campaign that resonates with its audience, goes viral or even changes opinion permanently? This question got me thinking there must be something to learn here, so I went out and researched the best advertising campaigns of all time to answer this question. Whether the magic formula is… Read more