Posted on 24/10/2018 at 12:53 PM by Tim Hinton in Blog

Research Shows OOH Digital Boosts Social Media Campaigns

Interesting new research from Talonooh on the effect of using a combination of Full Motion Digital Out of Home with social media. This has led to an average 23 per cent uplift in brand metrics based on the data.

In our opinion advertisers can take some important lessons from this research and as an auditor we are seeing some key innovation from the digital out of home players; this has also been backed up by some excellent ROI figures from our clients who use a combination of digital outdoor and social media.

Brands and agencies who understand the importance of combining media to provide a transparent customer journey using digital OOH and social media have seen some fantastic results.

As Emily Alcorn, Head of Insight at Talon explains,

By adding digital OOH to a social campaign, effectiveness across the brand funnel increased on average by 23%. But we also saw real effect on those campaigns generating web visitation and sparking conversation.

To read more about this research click here to view the full article on More About Advertising.

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