Posted on 26/03/2018 at 3:58 PM by Tim Hinton in Blog

The Rise of the Management Consultancy

Jerome Bodin, an analyst at investment bank Natixis, caused something of a commotion recently when he suggested that one of the 3 big management consultancies (IBM, Delioitte and Accenture) could credibly acquire a WPP or similar.

Acquisitions in the digital arena, such as Accenture’s purchase of Karmarama certainly show they have intentions to enter the marketing and communications space. And they have the war chests to buy a large group like WPP.

23 Media Audits Comment:

The acquisition of businesses in the digital arena does not signify an interest in the wider communications industry.

Management Consultancies interest in digital stems from their insight that the future of technology spend lies with the CMO.

Revenues from technology are an important area for consultancies so this may be more of a defensive play.

See where 2017 revenue by media ended; who was up and who was down.

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