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World Cup 2018 – TV Still Drives Mass Awareness?

Television remains vital for brands to deliver a mass audience and create awareness within a short-term period as shown in the recent World Cup viewing figures.

The England v Croatia semi-final (11th July) on ITV delivered the largest audience for an England match via a single channel since records began.

The match also had a further 4.3 million simulcast requests on ITV Hub the largest ever number for live programming.

Despite these impressive figures Television can be portrayed as outdated by the digital PR machine and with impacts for total broadcast expected to be down by approximately 3% for 2018 and younger audiences down between 7-10% this adds to the perception that Television delivers to an older audience and creates a significant amount of media wastage to audiences that aren’t relevant. However, event led programming can still reach a high proportion of individuals and 16-34’s.

BARB research shows TV has a weekly reach of 90% for all individuals and 87% for 16-34 Adults.

Measuring Your Media Success

The question most advertisers have that we speak to is how to harness the reach of television and then use this to further engage the core customers through the targeted digital channels.

We already know from the Google Consumer Barometer report that 75% of all individuals use a connected device whilst watching TV, rising to 93% for 16-24’s.

Interested in dual screening research for your TV campaign? Speak to us about setting up a test.

Many agencies claim to understand the full planning cycle however in our experience only a few are making the link between each media’s targeting role, understanding the creative, adapting it for the chosen media and then adopting this to become part of the overall customer journey.

For 23 Media Audits making sure advertisers fully understand their position in the media market from a price and quality delivery is still extremely important, add this to then fully understanding the brand strategy and fusing it with the media journey can really add value and help make informed decisions for future campaigns.

A well-planned campaign using the right data and pricing models can reach the right audience on mass, get them to consider the brand and make that all-important decision to purchase the product.

Speak to us about your brand strategy and how we can measure your media success through our media audit of cost and quality trade off across the entire customer journey.

Download England’s 2018 World Cup Fast Facts   (3 slides / 3 minute read)
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