888 Holdings

Case Study

888 initially came to us to carry out a “Media Health check” of their UK media performance across TV, press, radio & OOH. Their digital was carried out in house and via separate suppliers. Our main objective based on the brief was to ascertain how cost-effective their media pricing and media quality was in relation to their size of media spend. 888 also wanted to better understand the type and level of media their competitors were using to help them work out how to potentially dominate certain media platforms.

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Case Study

What We Did

  • We interviewed each of the teams across the 888 business to understand the media areas they felt required an in-depth review of the current set up.
  • We then carried out a full ‘price & quality’ check; which involved comparing both agencies and analysing the following touch points:
  • Initial Analysis: after identifying the client focus areas, we created a comprehensive media audit report, including a clear assessment of the value of opportunities available and identified areas that needed to be addressed and updated.
  • Working with the client we then created a bespoke framework for media that was adopted internally and followed our “Media Process”. This helps advertisers see where the media agency, their internal teams and our-selves fit into the cycle from implementation through to media audit.
Another element of the media evaluation was focused on 888 using two different media agencies to look after their traditional media. Both had strengths relevant to the specific 888 brands they managed and the business now wanted to understand the potential trade off’s in terms of cost & quality deliveries by each agency.
Representative – 23 Media Audits

What The Audit Provided

  • The initial feedback was that the process had equipped the client with the knowledge to understand common terminology used in the industry as well as equipping 888 with the information to better understand and make informed decisions on the future of their media budgets.
  • It provided 888 with a set of media processes that they could use at an individual brand level but also as a group; making the media strategy coherent from inception through to post campaign analysis.
  • It allowed 888 to focus on implementing the internal changes agreed at the media health check for creating the correct briefing documents for their media agencies.
  • A half & full year evaluation in place to benchmark agency performance versus set criteria agreed at the “Media Health check”.
In essence the process equipped 888 with a workable framework to set specific objectives relevant to their individual brands and to fully understand the cost implications and potential coverage/targeting of the media being utilized. The “Media process” also provided 888 with a checklist of measures over a 12-month period focusing on both immediate and longer-term goals.
Representative – 23 Media Audits


Cost and media quality efficiencies resulting in a 16% saving versus pre health check.

The ability for 888 to balance growth forecasts versus media control levels.

A progressive scope of work that covers all brands and links to a remuneration model.

Skilled advice for driving improvements in media planning and buying.

Improvement of internal knowledge within 888 brand teams.

Streamlined to market process.


 Impartial advice tailored specifically to your project.