Automotive Brand

Case Study

Working with a challenger brand within the automotive category 23 Media Audits developed a set of metrics to deliver media savings over the short and long term as part of an agency pitch process. Part of the brief was to validate the savings across each media but not stifle the creativity of the agency as part of the ethos of the challenger brand was to innovate the offering on a smaller budget than the competitors.

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Case Study

The Challenge

How to balance the media optimisation and targeting with the desire for low pricing.

What We Did

Firstly, our experience of working with many challenger brands means we fully understand the trade-off between driving price down and the impact on quality from a media and service perspective. Therefore, it was key that we carried out a full evaluation of all the stakeholders within the organisation to make sure that everyone was onboard with the potential brand strategy over a long-term period.

Stage 1 covered the following areas:

  • The key objective was aligning marketing, procurement and senior management to deliver a consistent strategy. (Pre-23 Media Audits each department had a different view of success and this was having a negative impact on the business productivity).
  • Meet with key personal involved and to provide each stakeholder with our checklist on media productivity and value. This was carried out through our auditor/client workshop.
  • Making sure that within the business that each of the stakeholders supported each other so that marketing did not feel constrained by procurement and that overall the business could see value from their media investment.
We needed to make sure the media delivery was fully aligned and could be checked via a set of metrics.
Representative – 23 Media Audits

Once the internal stakeholders were aligned Stage 2 was to bring in the media agency and make sure they were incorporated into the business objectives.

  • We simplified the agency performance evaluation and created a top line dashboard that was updated every week.
  • The agency aligned the media objectives to the brands own business goals and we created an agency performance incentive scheme that could be monitored annually.
  • Set up a commercial framework between the brand and their media agent.


8% media savings across all media

20% media efficiency quality and targeting savings across all media

25% increase in sales

A media framework in place that can be checked by all parties on a six-monthly basis

Annual target reviews leading to increased media and productivity gains year on year

Inclusive relationship to make sure that media pricing and strategy are aligned and that the benchmarks in place are transparent and fair for all parties.


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