Simply Health

Case Study

Prior to 23 Media Audits involvement, Simply Health were utilising a model that gave the organisation limited visibility across their advertising spend, quality levels and overall cost base. Therefore, the challenge was to drive efficiency and effectiveness across all parts of their media from the planning stage through to the media buy.

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Case Study

Our Analysis

Simply Health were simultaneously promoting numerous products and wanted to understand how well they were reaching their target audience at an optimum level. Pre audit the strategy was a mix of brand awareness and DRTV supplemented with local print media and digital engagement platforms. This is a difficult strategy to benchmark as agencies tend to argue that the media direction cannot be impeded by audited guarantees, as they require flexibility to reach their ROI.

Audit Approach

As a result, for this particular audit we went back to the drawing board and designed a bespoke set of criteria that encompassed the sales data with the TV delivery across a number of key metrics (price being only one area of evaluation). We devised a stop loss weighting for each metric where the agency was able to increase or decrease certain criteria based on sales feedback.

This methodology was developed by our in-house team working alongside the media agency and client to create an audit that proved extremely effective in auditing the media and taking into account the type of media buys.

Beyond the audit, we looked at the whole media process from the initial brief through to the agency planning, the delivery of the agency rationale pre sign off and then the media buy. The process followed our media cycle with the audit being one part of the overall process.
Representative – 23 Media Audits


£700,000 value savings post audit.

10% increase in media savings based on the auditing benchmarks.

50% increase in media efficiency levels via our bespoke audit for Simply Health.

The audit criteria and subsequent learnings helped the agency and client to not only understand the amount of ad spend and ratings required to reach maximum effectiveness but more importantly when to stop campaigns once the ROI dropped. This allowed Simply Health to deliver more for less.

In UK regions where consumers aren’t as familiar with the Simply Health brand, media awareness and targeting help overcome barriers to market entry, ensuring a positive reception for the brand and its products.
Procurement Representative – Simply Health


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