In-Stream Video

A type of video ad that appears within a video player, typically before or during a video content.

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What Is In-Stream Video?

In-stream video is a type of video advertisement seamlessly embedded within a video player, usually positioned before or during the playback of video content. This ad format capitalizes on the viewer's engagement with the main video, providing a non-disruptive and integrated advertising experience.

In-stream video ads offer advertisers an opportunity to capture the viewer's attention while they are already engaged and immersed in watching videos. These ads can be skippable or non-skippable, allowing brands to choose between a user-initiated interaction or a mandatory view. By aligning their message with relevant video content, advertisers can effectively target their desired audience based on the context of the video being watched.

This advertising approach blends seamlessly with the user experience, enhancing the likelihood of viewers retaining the ad's message. It's an effective method for showcasing products, sharing narratives, and building brand awareness. Additionally, in-stream video ads can be tracked for performance metrics such as views, clicks, and engagement, providing advertisers with valuable insights to refine their strategies.

In a digital landscape where video consumption is on the rise, in-stream video ads capitalize on the appeal and impact of video content while ensuring brands reach their target audience in a less intrusive and more engaging manner.