A type of remarketing where users are targeted with ads based on their past behaviour, such as viewing specific products on a website.

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What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting, a subset of remarketing, is a specialized approach that targets users with ads tailored to their previous online behaviors. This technique focuses on users who have interacted with a website, such as browsing specific products or pages, without completing a desired action, like making a purchase.

Retargeting utilizes data gathered from user behavior to create highly personalized and relevant ad campaigns. When users leave a website without converting, retargeting serves as a reminder by displaying ads across different digital platforms, enticing them to return and complete the intended action.

For instance, if a user visited an e-commerce website and viewed a particular product without making a purchase, they might subsequently see ads showcasing that specific product or related items on other websites or social media platforms. This tailored approach capitalizes on users' existing interest and familiarity with the product, aiming to rekindle their engagement and encourage them to finalize the desired action.

Retargeting campaigns can yield impressive results, as they focus on users who have already shown genuine interest. By staying top-of-mind and addressing users' specific needs or preferences, retargeting boosts the chances of converting hesitant prospects into satisfied customers. This technique showcases the power of personalized advertising in the digital landscape.