26/03/2018 2:57 PM | by Tim Hinton in News

ITV launches Ad Free TV

ITV is launching ITV HUB+ Premium, a subscription TV service that is ad free.

The service, which was launched softly earlier this year, will be supported with above the line advertising for the first time.

Other consumer friendly features are expected to be added to the package over time in an attempt to drive the £4/month subscriptions.

23 Media Audits Comment:

23 Media Audits Comment: Whilst it is good for consumers to have this choice, it is clearly a concern for advertisers.

Whilst, there is no data available yet, it is likely to have some impact on ITV.com.

Advertisers will hope that the people signing up are not the hard to reach young, upmarket, light TV viewer.

This is an audience that in 2017 has been getting more expensive to target using traditional TV despite the weakening TV market.

See our take on 2018 viewing figures.

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