Agency Response Benchmarking

Beyond price mechanics, 23 Media Audits advise clients on how to make sure their media agency is resourcing their business with the correct services to improve return on investment.

As well as a price check the “agency resource benchmark” also sets up a benchmarking process to guarantee all service levels are being delivered to an expected standard. Included in the agency resource benchmark is a set of measurement criteria which allows the service performance to be monitored alongside the price delivery. This helps the advertiser to hold the agency accountable to increasing specific business objectives as well as delivering on media price; this provides advertisers with a service covering all elements of planning, buying and service levels.

Media Health Check

Media Health Check

We know from experience that many advertisers feel confident they have their media costs under control, however without the necessary benchmarking to undertake a thorough examination of media costs, how can you be sure you’re not paying more than you should?

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