Media Contract

Is my current media contract still relevant in today’s market? What is the industry standard? Our service is designed to help marketing and procurement teams at the initial stages of their contract. We make sure that the important media sections are included and the pricing and quality guarantees are fully transparent before signing.

Standard Contract Parameters

Current contract in place (if one) is it signed
What are your audit rights?
Control over your budget and agency payment terms
Can you get access to financial records via your agency?
Understand your contract clauses regarding rebates, free space and agency volume bonuses.
Who is involved in the media agency contract?
When is it revised and updated? Does it include digital elements? How transparent is the digital offering?
Have you implemented contractual rights by implementing systems and processes to ensure accountability?
Full access to all data being generated, advertisers should have full ownership of this data to help with media planning
Code of conduct implemented, signed and counter signed