Media Cycle

The media cycle is put in place to evaluate company’s internal media capabilities alongside their media processes – where each stake holder fits in. We measure your company’s internal media management skills and procedure against a set of checks and balances. The face to face consultation process includes an assessment of businesses media agency arrangements, where media value delivery is coming from and how to arrange your media to deliver the best returns.

Standard Media Cycle Parameters

Identify the key players in the media cycle
Understand where the auditor/media consultant, procurement, marketing and media agency link up.
Where changes can be made at the planning process and where action points can be implemented before the campaign goes live.
How 23MA understand your business objectives and how we instil this into your media agency to strategically buy for your brand and not just deliver a standardised media buy.
Delivers you a full understanding of your servicing and resourcing implications and what is required to improve performance.
Gives you an understanding the agency planning/buying brief and where to question the rationale behind the plans.
How we benchmark planning and buying performance.
Setting up timelines across the media cycle for advertiser and agency.