PRF Delivery

Our Media Consultancy experience will deliver, implement and manage the right programme for your agency performance-based remuneration model that aligns client goals with agency incentives. We will construct a transparent, incentive-based commercial model that supports quality across business-critical KPIs through a fully managed process. We help advertisers to identify, implement and then manage their optimal PRF model to extract ROI, performance, service quality and innovation from your agency.

Objectives of Our Remuneration Exercise for Advertisers

  • Align business, brand and media objectives with agency performance incentives.
  • To create a mutually beneficial, self-sustaining commercial framework between your business and your agency.
  • Align business and agency stakeholders across different disciplines around the correct quantitative metrics to drive the right attitudes.
  • Generate flexibility within an organised framework to achieve company consistency, whilst allowing for individual brand market adaptability.
PRF Delivery


A robust PRF is unique to every brand and is the basis of a successful media agency partnership.

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What the Remuneration Exercise Offers to Advertisers

  • An expert assessment of your existing agency remuneration model.
  • A bespoke plan to align business objectives with agency incentives.
  • A KPI Framework to prioritise your own Business, Marketing and Media needs.
  • Integration of remuneration model with existing – or new – commercial agreements.
  • Provision of quantitative evaluation methodologies across planning, buying and service quality.
  • Reconciliation aligned with internal procurement processes.
  • Separate reporting for procurement and agency investment team.

Key Answers the Remuneration Exercise Provides

  • Which KPIs to select, how to weight them, and how to task the agency to go beyond competitor performance.
  • How to structure agency performance targets to incentivise best practice.
  • How to reward media value, service, Innovation and business performance, not just price.
  • Ways to ensure agency buy-in and ongoing transparency via the remuneration model