Renumeration Models

One of the most critical areas from an advertiser’s perspective is how to make sure that their media agencies are providing value for their brand and then how to incentivise them through a transparent payment structure.

At 23 Media Audits we deliver a comprehensive set of benchmarks that can be utilised by advertiser marketing and procurement teams.

All our remuneration models are bespoke and we align them alongside advertiser’s own key performance indicators.

The offering is fully transparent and the media agency will be shown on what criteria they will be measured on and how it will be scored. The model also takes into account the price paid per employee, bonus levels, specific model – business performance based/straight PRF, commission levels, budget changes etc and weights them to the clients own specific needs.

Associated British Foods


ABF is a UK company that is behind some of the best know food brands in the UK. Post pitch ABF required to make sure that all the pitch promises across pricing and planning were delivered via a marketing strategy that enhanced its progression in the marketplace. Ultimately ABF needed an all-in-one solution and turned to 23 Media Audits.

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